TBS Group fornisce alle strutture sociosanitarie, pubbliche e private, servizi integrati di Ingegneria Clinica e ICT e gestisce in outsourcing tutto il parco tecnologico, biomedico e informatico, in particolare delle apparecchiature mediche e dei sistemi ICT e di telemedicina & teleassistenza, nonché soluzioni e servizi di e-Government per la pubblica amministrazione.
Con una forte propensione all'internazionalizzazione, il Gruppo attualmente opera in 20 paesi del mondo.

  • Soluzioni / Solutions

TBS Group. Health Technology Management.

Innovating technology and processes to curb costs and enhance services
and performance quality.

All telecare and telehealth services provided to encourage the continuity of diagnosis and care between hospitals and the local community and to implement the most advanced telematic home-based social and healthcare services. 

TBS Group has:

  • 24/7 specialist centres;
  • dedicated IT systems and emegency protocols;
  • telemedicine and domotics products.

Telecare: remote aid and remote control services

The remote aid service was designed to provide 24-hour, real-time notification of personal or environmental emergencies that may occur at patients’ homes, using the latest technologies and enabling remote management through prompt activation of suitable forms of aid and/or care.

The remote control service consists of regular, periodic telephone contact to monitor the day-to-day life of each user and their needs. Calls are made at a pre-arranged time, following finely tuned methods regarding the approach, duration and content.

Telemedicine (RPM): Telediagnosis and remote monitoring services

TBS Group provides and manages systems and solutions fortelediagnosis and remote monitoring (RPM) of the physiological parameters of patients in different environments (chemists, day care facilities, assisted living facilities, homes, etc…). The aim is to manage chronic diseases and avoid or delay admissions to hospitals or care homes.

The main advantages the reduction in the number and the duration of hospital admissions and recourse to specialised outpatient services, the deferred elderly admission to assisted residencies, reduced expenditure on medicines and an improved quality of life for patients and their family members.

Access to health and social care services

The services provided help to improve the continuity of care between hospital/local community. This offer includes teleconsultation services with specialized physicians, remote booking of diagnostic services, the management of the help desk for social and healthcare services, agendas for general practitioners, relations with on-call doctors, homecare assistance, etc...

The Service Center 

A Service Centre offers a new model of care based on a telematic network designed and created to offer citizens and the local community a single reference point for contacting all available local resources and for meeting any type of health and social care need. This truly innovative process is obviously extremely flexible and easily customised to meet the needs of each individual client.

The Service Centre is a truly multi-purpose system that:

  • provides an immediate and concrete response to a wide range of health and social care, information and operational needs;
  • allows constant monitoring of remote clinical parameters and consequent interventions;
  • manage all types of information, training, knowledge and assistance (bookings, consultations, facilities and aids, etc);
  • helps to avoid or limits hospitals admissions, maintening the utmost safety and efficiency and improving the quality of life of users and their families;
  • immediately handles emergency situations.

Domotics services

The Group provides a wide range of instruments aimed to simplify daily life and to make it safe (fall/gas leak/flooding detectors/sensors, etc.). The equipment used is always connected to a Call Centre which can activate the most suitable services (GPs, social services, health and social care companies, firefighters, police etc.) using accurate, codified intervention procedures.

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