TBS Group fornisce alle strutture sociosanitarie, pubbliche e private, servizi integrati di Ingegneria Clinica e ICT e gestisce in outsourcing tutto il parco tecnologico, biomedico e informatico, in particolare delle apparecchiature mediche e dei sistemi ICT e di telemedicina & teleassistenza, nonché soluzioni e servizi di e-Government per la pubblica amministrazione.
Con una forte propensione all'internazionalizzazione, il Gruppo attualmente opera in 20 paesi del mondo.

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TBS Group. Health Technology Management.

Innovating technology and processes to curb costs and enhance services
and performance quality.

TBS Group works as an outsourcing management partner for a full range of equipment, offering services to hospitals as well as public and private social and healthcare facilities.

The clinical engineering services offered by the companies in TBS Group, which can be provided both individually and as part of a single, integrated service, offer exceptional flexibility and modularity to meet users' diverse needs. These services include:


Counting, labelling, classification and subsequent updating of the inventory. General archive of user manuals.

Acceptance testing

Technical, administrative and performance-related procedures carried out to comply with regulations in the relevant countries. Measuring of initial values and parameters for electrical safety reasons and subsequent monitoring of the equipment. Acceptance testing is the only suitable mean to guarantee the safe introduction of a new device a health and social care facility.

Corrective maintenance

Upon call in case of the biomedical equipment's malfunction to restore the correct functioning of the biomedical device, thereby guaranteeing a service performance in terms of downtime.
Different types of contracts with the main manufacturers of biomedical equipment and devices guarantee where necessary, an ongoing support system, training and optimise the provision of additional spare parts.

Preventive maintenance

Checks and calibration carried out following specific benchmark operating protocols compliant with manufacturer instruction and local and international standards. The operations are scheduled in groups of the same type of equipment, based on their location and availability.

Electrical safety checks and functional controls

Checking that the equipment's safety requirements are maintained over time, particularly in relation to connecting them to the electrical power network. Safety checks make part of the scheduled maintenance operations.
Carrying out practical tests to check the quality of the service provided, with subsequent adjustments and calibration.

Computerised service management

All activities related to clinical engineering services are recorded on the Group's own IT platform.

Training and consultancy

  • Planning of technology investments in medical equipment and devices, drafting upgrade, integration and development plans.
  • Comparative technical assessment of new technologies (Health Technology Assessment), including references to designing new health and social care facilities.
  • Support for accreditation of healthcare facilities and certification of services or departments.
  • Analysis of risk factors connected with the use of biomedical equipment.
  • Training courses for doctors, technicians and nursing staff regarding the correct and safe use of biomedical equipment.

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Our companies

Branch of TBS ES in Chile
The branch of TBS ES is fully operational and promotes the activities of Medical Devices Business Unit of TBS Group, ...
Branch of TBS GB
The branch of TBS GB, established in October 2012, offers and implements in the United Arab Emirates innovative ...
Crimo Italia: technical assistance for healthcare facilities
Crimo Italia operates  since the nineties in providing public and private health facilities with alternative and more ...
EBM: multivendor clinical engineering services
EBM is specialised in the development and management of outsourced multivendor maintenance services and clinical ...
TBS Group supplies biomedical equipment and relative training services to children's hospital staff in the capital of ...
TBS GB have been supplying Endoscopy services for a number of years in Southern Ireland. In 2014 TBS GB have expanded ...
MSI MedServ: endoscopy equipment maintenance services
MSI MedServ International is a company specialising in maintenance services for endoscopy equipment, including both ...
TBS Group, through its subsidiary TBS India, provides innovated multivendor services of clinical engineering in ...
SLT is a company with headquarters in Cernusco sul Naviglio (Milan), specialised in sales (exclusively for Fluke ...
TBS BE Telematic & Biomedical Services Bvba
TBS BE is a company specialising in the development and management of integrated clinical engineering services, and also...
TBS Bohemia
The newco TBS Bohemia s.r.o., owned by TBS Group at 100%, with headquarters in Prague, will operate in clinical ...
ALTHEA HEALTHCARE ESPAÑA: Multivendor Clinical Engineering Services
 In February 2018 TBS ES became ALTHEA HEALTHCARE ESPAÑA. The company is specialised in the development and ...
TBS FR Telematic & Biomedical Services Sarl
TBS FR is a company specialised in the development and management of integrated clinical engineering services, and is ...
TBS GB Telematic & Biomedical Services Ltd
TBS GB are the leading specialists in the provision of Healthcare Technology Management, called HTM+, delivering ...
TBS Group Spa
TBS Group S.p.A. is a company specialising in the development and management of clinical engineering, medical IT and ...
TBS IMAGING, supply and product management for Diagnostic Imaging
TBS IMAGING (previously REM DI), located in Fisciano (Italy), was founded at the end of 2012, is specialized in the ...
TBS INDIA Telematic and Biomedical Services Private Ltd
TBS India is a company specialised in the development and management of integrated clinical engineering services. The ...
TBS Perù: Clinical engineering services
The branch of TBS ES, established in November 2012, offers and implements in Peru innovative outsourced multivendor ...
TBS PT (STB Serviços Telemáticos e Biomédicos Unipessoal Lda)
TBS PT, with headquarters in Lisbon, is a company specialised in the development and management of outsourced ...

Our clients

Outsourced Services for Healthcare Facilities
The key drivers of the healthcare system are the constant, rapid evolution of technology, as well as an ageing ...

Our best pratices

DOMINO: Integrated Community Care and Home Care
Needs In the context of an ageing population and the additional needs that arise as a result, together with the ...

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